It is easyer to make the Bear than you think. To help you make it, I made a detailed sew along video tutorial for the Bear. In the tutorial, I explain with great detail all the steps in making "the Bear" with turned edges. There are three steps in this applique assembly - turning the edges of the Bear body, belly and face with interfacing. Then, I show a simple technique to turn the edges of a tiny nose using fusible web. And finally, I go through the machine embroidery of the arms, the eyes and the mouth and stitch all the parts together.

You can also make the Bear using raw edge machine applique technique. For that, check out our detailed step by step guide to raw edge applique with fusible web that also includes a video tutorial. 

Thus, if you want to make the Bear - you will! Just sew along with me ;)

I hope "the Bear" can become a friendly fellow for a child you care for! Let it be kind, sincere and truthful to the child. A little like Vinnie the Pooh. 

Happy appliqueing!

Rugile from Magic Little Dreams 



'We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we, Pooh?' asked Piglet.

'Even longer,' Pooh answered.

(A. A. Milne, Adventures of Vinnie the Pooh)


I just finished making my first "Our Forest. Winter" quilt with Maples, Evergreens and the Bear. In a previous blog post, I showed you how to make tree appliques from "Trees from the forest" applique pattern that I use in this quilt. Now it is time to introduce you to "The Bear"


"The Bear" is the first applique pattern from the "Forest animal" applique series. It is a cute  hand-drawn three layer applique. The bear belly and face is appliqued on top of a body and the tiny nose sits on the top of the face. The eyes, the mouth and the arms are easy to embroider by hand or machine. This applique pattern is cute and quick to make and can decorate any kid's quilt or garment with a little friend.  



The Bear on the quilt turned out to be serious, humble and a little shy.

The Bear on the pattern cover turned out to be down to earth, honest and happy.  

The Bear in the sew along video happened to be modest and very friendly!

"The Bear" came into existence when I was designing  "Our forest. Winter" quilt with Maples, Evergreens and the Bear. In this quilt, I planted a friendly forest of appliqued Eergreens and Maple trees. Yet, the forest felt a little lonesome without anyone living in it. So, I created "The Bear".

When making the quilt and preparing the sew along, I appliqued the Bear several times. Each Bear turned out a little different, with its own personality and its own attitude to life.




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