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Blue, green, purple Sound of Music quilt
Musical quilt Sound of Music
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Sound of Music quilt brick wall patchwork
SOund of Music quilt stave and music notes
Modern quilt Sound of Music

This quilt is really fun to make, as it uses several techniques, it will certainly not get boring! All the parts are easy to make using a domestic sewing machine. Even though the stave is embroidered, no embroidery machine is needed. One can simply print the outline, trace it onto the embroidery stabilizer and stitch the stave using either a thick thread or a triple stretch stitch on a domestic sewing machine. 

I hope "Sound of Music" will bring music closer to you and those you love!

Happy quilting!

Rugile from Magic Little Dreams 


Quilt Pattern: "SOUND OF MUSIC"

"If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing."

(J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan)


Here is me sandwiching the quilt. Check it out ;) 

Applique is easy, when the right technique for the right shape is chosen. Music key and notes can be appliqued using either raw edge or turned edge machine applique with fusible web.  


When making your quilt, don't forget to add a label with your name and creation date. In my labels I always add a quote fitting the quilt story. Why not doing the same with yours?


When making quilts, we think about people who will use the quilt, about what they love, what they admire and what they are passionate about. This quilt is for people, who love music. They may play an instrument, sing, dance or simply be avid listeners. As long as their hearts beat in the rhythm of music - this quilt is a perfect fit. 


This quilt is perfect for any age. Thus the quilt pattern includes 9 different quilt sizes: from crib to king size quilt. There are three different stave variations to accommodate all the sizes.


Music can make us cry and laugh at the same time. It can make us jump high into the sky and can put a wide smile on our faces without us even noticing. Music makes us dance, makes us sing, makes us want to live. Often without even realising it, in music we look for inspiration, consolation, comfort and even for solutions to problems bothering us. 


When designing "Sound of Music" quilt, I aimed to capture all those virtues of music using color, fabric and thread. "Sound of Music" quilt symbolises the power of music to break us free from any barriers and lift our free spirits up. It is a modern patchwork and applique quilt.


All the peculiarities of making this quilt I have put into the pattern that you can find in my shop. Music key and music note applique outlines can be purchased separately in the applique pattern "Music notes". Additionally, you may be interested in a somewhat similar quilt design "Music of Love".


There are three main elements in the "Sound of Music" quilt design - simple 'brick wall' patchwork on the sides, elegant embroidered stave in the middle and appliqued music key and notes on top of the stave. All these elements are easy to make with a domestic sewing machine. 


Before I teach or advise anything on my blog, I myself try multiple options to figure out the best working solution. When I find my favorite product, I look it up on Amazon and add an affiliated link to my website. This way you can easily find the product and if you decide to purchase it, I will get a small commission (without any addition cost for you!). This small money helps me grow my blog and keep offering you the best advice. 


Hi, I am Rugile!

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Happy quilting!


I summarise all the key point of making this quilt in this short video presentation of the "Sound of Music" quilt. 


We are used to see written music as the black notes on a black stave written on white paper. And this quilt would look great in monochromatic colors, including black and white. Adding a little accent color to lighten the bricks could also be nice.



On the white fabric in between the broken 'brick wall' patchwork pieces an embroidered curvy stave unfolds. Individual lines of the stave rotate and cross each other, creating a 3D motion in the air effect. At the bottom of the stave, appliqued music key kick off the music. From the music key, music notes stream and dance on the stave.  

I decided to make "Sound of Music" quilt in a modern combination of three colors: blue, green and purple. I used light, medium and dark shades of each color to make the quilt vibrant. Purple brings tranquillity, blue brings seriousness and green provides a cheerful playfulness to the quilt. My conclusion -  music looks good in any color. 

The gap between the two broken brick wall patchwork pieces is white negative space. There, one can really have fun with free motion quilting and fill the space with various motives.

The curvature of the stave inspired me to try different quilting motives on the right and on the left sides. On the right, I quilted fans to create a rippling effect. On the left, I quilted dense straight lines that run into the stave. This combination of straight line and the round fan quilting motifs complements each other very nicely and highlights the curvature of the stave. 

'Brick wall' patchwork on the sides of the quilt is composed of irregular length "brick" blocks. The patchwork ends with an uneven edge on the center fabric, creating a split wall. Each "brick" is defined by a narrow sashing strip that highlights individual fabric prints. Additionally, the sashing makes the 'brick wall' lightweight and floaty.