The greatest things we achieve in our lives are done in little increments, a little step forward every day. That is how children become adults and that is how we reach our dreams. This video is a meditation about small steps that brings us to the greatest things in our lives. With this idea in mind, I created a "Small steps" baby quilt wishing for a great future to a newborn. 

Turned edge machine applique with interfacing is one of my favorite applique techniques. In this video, I use a challenging "Butterflies in the Meadow" applique shape to show you all the possibilities and shortcomings of this technique. Check out the video and try out this applique method! 

Sew along for "The Bear" applique pattern and "Our forest" quilt pattern. In this video, I show in depth all the steps and share all my tips and tricks to make the Bear with turned edges, including, how to turn the edge of a tiny nose! 

"Sound of music" quilt is a perfect gift to anyone, who loves music. In this video, I summarise all the key points of making this quilt: the three design elements, fabric colors selection, quilt sizes included in the pattern and difficulty. I also talk about my personal challenge in making this quilt. Enjoy! :) 

I lay out the "Our forest with maples, evergreens and the bear" quilt top. It took me around 20 min to do so, that is summarised here in 60 s. 

Sew along for trees from "Trees from the forest" applique pattern and "Our forest" quilt pattern. In this video, I show the easiest way to make beautiful tree appliques with turned edges and at the same time introduce two turned edge applique techniques - using fusible web and using interfacing. 

Comprehensive raw edge machine applique with fusible web tutorial. Learn the fastest and simplest applique method in less than 5 minutes!

I lay out the "Small Steps" quilt top. It took me 15 min to do so, that is summarised here in 30 s. 

I baste the "Sound of Music" quilt. For that, I tape the backing to the floor, then lay out the cotton batting and cover it with the quilt top. To hold the three layers together, I used bent security pins. The whole process took me about 20 min.